One year on, couple are still loving life on the open road

By Mark Pritchett in Local People

Life on the road is suiting an adventure-seeking Milverton couple who have swapped the creature comforts of home for a 7.5-metre motorhome.

This time last year Karen and Myles Davies set out on a gap year of travel that soon turned into a full-time lifestyle.

Karen said: “After years of stress, we soon realised that having the freedom to move and wake up to a different view each morning was for us.”

Running three businesses and renovating an old hotel they had bought on the Isle of Man took its toll on them and so they sought the good life in Somerset.

Four years later, inspired by a trip to New Zealand, their nomadic existence began and by March 4 2016 they had packed in their jobs, packed up their belongings and headed to Europe.

A year on and Karen and Myles have travelled through ten countries and covered 13,500 miles, immersing themselves in local culture and beautiful scenery.

That said Karen is clear about the adventure not being a holiday. “While for the first three months we felt like tourists, we soon adapted to a nomadic life and reconnected with our work passions.”

Grabbing internet where they could, Myles built two websites for their digital businesses – a Life Coaching website for Karen and an entertaining travel blog for their pseudonym The Motoroamers.

Twelve months on, Myles is blown away by the response. “We have 1.2K followers on Facebook and a couple of my Karl Pilkington-style videos have gone viral,” he said. “We’re just doing what we love, telling our travelling stories and people seem to love it.”

Karen said they had learn lessons from life on the road. “The first thing that struck us is how fear stops us living our dreams,” she said. “We challenged our fears by realising they’re not real and while we have contingency plans, we don’t allow fear to stop us.”

The couple also said how important it is to find the courage to do something different from the norm. “It’s too easy to follow suit,” said Myles. “Sometimes we need to follow our dreams instead. Life is just too short.”

Karen and Myles have also realised how simply they can live. “We want for nothing in our small living space,” said Karen. “We have streamlined our gadgets, clothes and household goods and we manage to live a healthy, active and extremely comfortable life, which has allowed us to cut our expenses in half.”

Perhaps the most important lesson for the nomadic couple is how essential it is for people to take responsibility for their happiness. “Too often we look to others or things to make us happy,” said Karen, with her life coaching hat on.

“Yet we make our own happiness, it’s an inside-job. As soon as we realised this we took charge of our lives and are now the happiest we’ve ever been.”

Karen and Myles have embraced their new lifestyle and turned it into a way of life and a business – writing about, filming and sharing with others the art of travel, happiness and living the best life possible. WWN readers can follow their journey at www.motoroaming.

com, which this year will include Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

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