Toc H neighbours angry over roof slates ‘danger’

By Mark Pritchett in Local People

NEIGHBOURS of the Toc H building in North Street, Wellington, are complaining about the possible danger to passers-by and drivers posed by slates falling from its roof.

Beryl Griffiths, who lives next door in a flat above Heidi’s Sewing Room, and Alison Langston-Bishop say about 25 slates came off the roof overnight late last Wednesday, early Thursday last week and landed in the pavement and road. Somerset Highways closed the pavement outside the old Toc H Building on Thursday afternoon.

Beryl and Alison say slates have fallen off on numerous occasions – they say last year one hit the windscreen of a passing car and in June slates landed in Beryl’s back yard minutes after she had been standing there. They also do not think a roof repair carried out on Thursday is satisfactory.

For the full story see this week’s Wellington Weekly News.

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