Time is running out to claim a free fruit tree from the town council.

More than 200 Wellington residents have signed up for their free tree - leaving a further 100 unclaimed.

With registrations set to close on Friday, October 6, it is last calls for signing up to the scheme.

The deaf apple trees on offer come planted in a five litre pot, and are available for free to the first 300 households who apply.

Reassuring residents that even a small space could be suitable to grow the trees, a council spokesperson said: "If you have a small outside space, you may not think you have enough room to grow a fruit tree, but apple trees can be grown as dwarf trees (also known as patio fruit trees or miniature fruit trees).

"These reach only around 1-2m tall and 50cm-1m wide and are suitable for growing in the ground or in pots, making them perfect for the patio, veg patch, allotment, garden border or balcony. The trees we will be offering in this scheme will are of a mixed variety and will all be dwarf apple trees.

"Their compact size makes them easy to look after, prune, and harvest from. They are also easier to protect from frosts and pests. The fruits are the same size as those on a regular tree. Whilst a regular fruit tree may take several years to produce fruit, you should be able to harvest from a dwarf tree within a couple of years."

You can register your interest at the town council website or by calling 01823 662 855.