POLICE have provided an update on a ‘wheelchair menace’ who is being supported to prevent further nuisance collision incidents in Wellington town centre.

A number of people have contacted the Wellington Weekly to raise concerns over a man who appears to deliberately crash his mobility scooter into shoppers in ares of the town.

Sgt Jon O’Connor issued an update on community policing matters at a recent meeting of the town council. He said: “There has been an increase in reports of a male in a motorised wheelchair crashing into people and displaying repeated nuisance behaviour. We are aware of this male and we are working with adult social care to have his current accommodation and level of support package re-assessed to prevent further incidents of this nature.”

Sgt O’Connor said police in Wellington received a total of 305 calls in March, and 85 of these incidents were recorded as crimes, which remains at the same level during the same period last year; violence against the person, 51; public order offences, 13; arson and criminal damage, 7; theft, 6; burglary, 3; miscellaneous crimes against society, 2; vehicle offences, 2; and robbery, one.

Sgt O’Connor added: “I was expecting there to be a slight rise in figures compared with last year due to the Easter Holidays falling within March rather than April this time. For it to remain exactly level can therefore still be taken as a positive.”

Travellers set up an unauthorised encampment at the sports centre which was vacated on Easter Monday following a notice being served by Somerset Council, Sgt O’Connor confirmed.

He added: “In these instances, it is usual for the landowner, supported by the police, to take the lead in the eviction process which was unfortunately hindered by the extended holiday weekend. For police powers to be invoked there needs to be evidence of significant damage, disruption or distress which carries a higher threshold and was not deemed proportionate in these circumstances.

“Of most note over the Easter weekend we saw a callous overnight burglary at the baptist church. Significant damage was caused with very little gain making this more akin to a speculative search with no prior knowledge rather than a targeted attack with a specific intention. We recovered various samples of forensic evidence the following morning and my team remains in contact with Reverend Griffiths, keeping him updated on the progress of the investigation. It was delightful to hear that members of the church rallied round the following day and the damage has already been repaired.”

Sgt O’Connor has also reminded residents who have questions to contact the enquiry office at Wellington Police Station from 10am – 2pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Police can also be contacted via social media accounts, the Avon and Somerset Police website or by calling 101.

He added: “Alternatively, feel free to stop any one of us whilst we’re out on patrol and we’ll always be happy to speak with you.”