TAUNTON Deane Conservative MP Rebecca Pow has welcomed the Budget - saying she particularly welcomed the news of a “productivity plan” for the NHS.

But Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Taunton and Wellington has labelled the Chancellor’s announcements a “desperate deception”, with income tax bills still set to rise for local people. 

Gideon Amos said: “This Budget will barely touch the sides for families and pensioners around here, who are facing soaring mortgage bills while the cost of the weekly shop goes through the roof. 

“People in our area know that their tax bills will remain sky high after this budget, and the Chancellor is attempting a desperate deception after years of income tax hikes. 

“It’s clear the choice in Taunton and Wellington at the next election will be between an out-of-touch Conservative MP or a hard-working Liberal Democrat local champion.”

Local MP Rebecca Pow said the last few years have not been easy for the British economy. Having have faced the impacts of the Covid pandemic, war in Ukraine and the Middle East.

She said: “We know these challenges have made life tough for people across Taunton Deane and the Government has made progress, inflation has fallen from 11.1 per cent to 4 per cent, the economy has performed better than forecast, wages are rising, mortgage rates are beginning to come down, the economy has outperformed European neighbours and debt is on track to fall.”

“Our plan is seeing the economy turn a corner.”