A school bus collided with a hedge on Monday morning on a country road in Somerset after sliding in icy conditions.

The collision occurred around 8.30am in the Raddington area of Chipstable parish, betweenWiveliscombe and Bampton.

It is understood there were no passengers on the bus at the time of the incident. The driver was unhurt.  

The Upton Coaches school bus was on a regular route collecting children when it went out of control around an icy bend. The bus then became stuck, blocking Churchill Lane. 

The bus pictured stuck on Churchill Lane
The bus pictured stuck on Churchill Lane (Tindle)

A local farmer was called to help, who attended the scene with a tractor. Grit was thrown down and the bus was successfully towed by the farmer. 

The incident comes after an extended period of sub-zero temperatures which has led to icy conditions, particularly on minor roads.