Steve Disney, a parishioner of the Life Central Church in Wellington, is set to shave his head to fundraise for the African national of Burundi.

Retiree Steve formerly worked for a national cash in transit company, and now he is joining in with the church's long-time efforts in aid of Burundi.

Steve said: "I haven’t been part of the church for very long, but long enough to know a bit about what’s going on, and they’re doing a lot for Burundi which is the poorest country in the world apparently. 

"We do a little bit to help them out, we’ve helped them with a school, fresh water, medical cards, lots of things that we are doing for Burundi. 

"Our Church leader Steve Jenkins and his wife go over there on a regular basis, every three or four years to help out. 

The African nation of Burundi is the poorest in the world
The African nation of Burundi is the poorest in the world (Life Central Church )

"The poor children only have one cup of soup a day, so I thought I’m not doing anything very much so I’ll grow my hair and beard for charity and the I’ll get it all shaved off. 

"There is a link to sponsor me and of course there is cash sponsorship as well."

There will also be a Burundi themed fundraising evening at the World Christian Centre in Rockwell Green at 6.30pm, where a show about Burundi will be put on before participants dig in to traditional Burundi cuisine of beans and rice.

Steve plans to have his had shaved on Sunday April 23 at St John's Primary School, from where the Life Central Church holds its services.

To sponsor Steve online visit his gofundme page.