SUPERDRUG has blamed huge queues at its Wellington branch on increased demand for prescriptions after the closure of a Boots pharmacy.

The company has responded to complaints by some residents of extended waiting times to collect medication, with queues seen winding through the shop as people waited to collect prescriptions.

A spokesperson for the firm has now said the delays are a result of higher demand at the pharmacy. In a statement they said: “At Superdrug, we always do our best to support our local communities' healthcare needs.

“While there has been higher demand in recent weeks at our Wellington pharmacy, we continue to supply patients with their prescriptions while also providing alternative options such as our Online Pharmacy where patients are able to obtain their NHS prescription for home delivery.”

The surge in demand comes after Boots closed one of its two pharmacies in the town as part of a wider programme to close 300 stores. This led to customers queuing on the street in an attempt to beat hour-long queues at the remaining Boots chemist on the High Street.

81-year-old Carol Dabbs told the Wellington Weekly how she felt ‘stuck in a nightmare’ after she made repeated attempts to collect her prescription from the High Street Boots, which she had to abandon after being unable to remain on her feet for long enough.

It appears some disgruntled Boots customers are now attempting to collect their prescriptions from Superdrug, causing similar delays.