Avon and Somerset Police has published its weekly schedule of speed enforcement locations.Each week the police force publishes the locations of its mobile speed cameras. 

Avon and Somerset cautions that “enforcement may take place at any location within the Avon and Somerset Constabulary area.” 

According to RAC advice, mobile cameras are operated by individuals who can use their discretion in administering penalties. The minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 and 3 points added to your license. 

Here are all the locations of the mobile speed cameras in Somerset West and Taunton in the week commencing February 6: 

A358 Henlade – 30mph, site: 4014

A358 Henlade, Somerset – 30mph, site: 4006

A358 Staplegrove Rd, Taunton – 30mph, site: 4057

A358 Tower Hill, Williton (outside 48 Tower Hill) – 30mph, site: 4083

A378 Wrantage, Somerset – 40mph, site: 4048

A38 Bridgwater Road, Bathpool, Taunton – 30mph, site: 4024

A38 Perry Elm – 60mph, site: 6074

A38 Wellington Road, Taunton – 30mph, site: 4050

A38 Whiteball – 60mph, site: 6073

A39 Holford – 30mph, site: 4034

A39, Carhampton (pull-in outside 'Southlands') FOR ENFORCEMENT NW OF PARKING LOCATION ONLY – 30mph, site: 4101

B3170 Shoreditch Road, opp jct Stoke Road, Taunton – 30mph, site: 4087

B3170, Corfe (outside Forge Cottage) – 30mph, site: 4063

B3187, Milverton (hardstanding o/s house Chorley) – 20mph, site: 4085

B3188 Yarde – 30mph, site: 4025

B3222, Brushford (nr jct Brushford New Road) – 30mph, site: 4086

B3227, Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton – 30mph, site: 4046

Blackbrook Way – 30mph, site: 4080

Blagdon Village – 30mph, site: 4027

C182 Wick Moor Drove, layby near 'Doggets' – 40mph, site: 2283

C182 Wick Moor Drove, layby near 'Head Weir House' road leading to Wick – 60mph, site: 2286

Exeter Rd, Wellington, Somerset (layby opp All Saints Church) – 30mph, site: 4000

Ford Street, Wellington – 30mph, site: 4065

Hamilton Road, Taunton – 30mph, site: 4049

Haydon Lane, Taunton – 30mph, site: 4066

Heron Gate, Taunton – 30mph, site: 4092

High Street, Bishop's Lydeard (opp Pound Lane) – 30mph, site: 4043

Jury Road, Dulverton – 30mph, site: 4038

Kingston Road, Taunton – 30mph, site: 4059

Lipe Lane, Ruishton – 30mph, site: 4082

Lisieux Way, Taunton – 30mph, site: 4056

Windmill Hill, North Curry – 30mph, site: 4029

Windmill Hill, North Curry – 30mph, site: 4051