Wellington's Conservative MP Rebecca Pow says delivering the prime minister's five pledges will be 'challenging'.

She issued a statement after meeting party members in the town to discuss the year ahead.

She said Rishi Sunak's pledges made in a speech last week would 'deliver peace of mind and build a better future for the country.'

They are:

to halve inflation to ease the cost of living and give financial security;

grow the economy, creating better paid jobs and opportunity;

reduce debt so that we can secure the future of public services;

cut NHS waiting lists so people will get the care they need more quickly;

stop the small boats, so if people come to this country illegally, they will be detained and swiftly removed.

Ms Pow, MP for Taunton Deane, said: “I’ve been out and about in Taunton and Wellington reinforcing this message and I was pleased to join Wellington Conservatives and share my thoughts on this as well as plans for the year ahead.

"It will be challenging, but I will continue doing all I can locally working with stakeholders and linking directly to Westminster to deliver the support we need in particular for the planned Wellington Rail station.”

MP Rebecca Pow with party members
MP Rebecca Pow with party members (Taunton Deane Conservatives)

Mr Sunak said in his speech: "These are five pledges to deliver peace of mind, so that you know things are getting better, that they are actually changing.

"That you have a government working in your interests, focused on your priorities, putting your needs first.

"And I fully expect you to hold my government and I to account on delivering those goals."

Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner responded to the pledges by describing Mr Sunak as a "do-nothing prime minister".

Lib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey accused the PM of being "asleep at the wheel" while the health service was "stretched to breaking point".