TRAFFIC. One of the top moans of local residents whenever asked for views on Wellington issues.

‘The queue of cars at Chelston’ to reach the motorway or the A38 in the morning work exodus has become ‘the queue of cars at Cades’.

Similarly, the homeward journey has seen lines extend all the way along Piccadilly Straight and half-way back to the M5.

In Wellington itself, traffic frequently backs up from the Waitrose traffic lights right through the town centre crossroads, all the way along Longforth Road past Roly Poly Green, and the length of North Street to the fire station.

Given a spot of heavy rain, the situation becomes even worse.

The same residents whenever asked about solutions for the problem, will invariably say: ‘Buses’.

So, why do they not use them?

It seems to be one of the mysteries of the universe, along with the search for dark matter and whether black holes are really wormholes in time.

This week is ‘Better Transport Week’, with Wellington bus users group promoting a ‘Catch the Bus’ campaign with a stall outside the Co-op on Friday (June 21) from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm.

All those above residents are urged to pay them a visit.