An interior design expert has revealed how to jump on the Nancy Meyers home decor trend. 

The trend aims to recreate the aesthetics of homes in Nancy Meyers’ 1990s and 2000s movies, such as ‘The Holiday’, ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ and ‘The Parent Trap’. 

Last weekend, Pinterest searches for “Nancy Meyers aesthetic” peaked and TikTok saw 14.5 million videos tagged “Nancy Meyers Interior Design”. 

For those wanting to channel Nancy Meyers’ interior style, Victoria Foster, interior stylist at ScS has identified the most common and recurring themes of Meyers’ movies and suggests ways to bring the style to life in your home. 

Neutral with a pop of colour

scs interiors
One key element of Nancy Meyers' interior design is neutral colours. (ScS)

“One of the key signifiers of a Nancy Meyers’ home is her use of colour. The feel of the homes in her films is always relaxed, yet sophisticated and elegant. That’s largely due to the neutrality of the colour schemes - leaning into beige, white and black, especially in living room set ups. 

“This style also uses texture through wood and stone features, contrasted with thick carpets and shiny hardware to add interest to the space, along with pops of colour through accessories. Even these subtle additions of colour add a touch of classic charm - think buttery yellows, cornflower blues and warm browns.

“For those looking to recreate the scheme, keep your bigger pieces of furniture neutral; such as sofas, armchairs and coffee tables. Add warm colours through your accessories - a striped or plush rug against a hard floor and a pop of colour at the windows with curtains or a roman blind are all Nancy Meyers film staples.”

Comfort and cosiness

scs interiors
Keep your space cosy and comfortable. (ScS)

“Another element of Meyers’ interiors is the emphasis on comfort. Her spaces feel warm and lived in, welcoming the viewer in. Kitchen spaces are family orientated and have lots of seating options - usually a breakfast bar, dining table and added armchairs - offering different zones for getting comfortable and spending quality time together. Pendant lighting is also a common feature in the kitchens, which gives a soft glow that feels welcoming. 

“The layout of living rooms in these movies is often quite traditional. In my opinion the Meyers’ hallmark is two matching cream two-seater or three-seater sofas, parallel or intersecting each other and armchairs to close off the space. This setup can feel formal but the oversized furniture, soft hues and characterful accessories make the space feel cosy and intimate, creating the perfect setting for socialising. 

Attention to detail

scs interiors
Details like patterned rugs add interest to your interiors. (ScS)

“As a director Nancy Meyers is known for paying attention to detail, so the style of the homes in the film are designed to be distinctive and personal. Adding pieces of furniture or accessories that relate to the character’s personality and interests is key. 

“These details are subtle but add interest to the room, for example Nicky Parker’s bottles of red wine on display in the kitchen in The Parent Trap nod to his vineyard and love of wine. The floor to ceiling bookcase in Iris’ cottage in The Holiday showcases her love of books and hints at her career as a journalist. Meryl Streep’s character in ‘It’s Complicated’ has doorless cupboards in her kitchen with crockery and cookware on display to emphasise her love of cooking. 

 “In the same way, you can show your personality and interests through your home. If you’re a lover of music, consider using a vintage instrument such as a guitar or saxophone as a decorative piece. Those who love to travel might use artwork to document favourite destinations. Or, if you follow a sporting team, add touches of memorabilia to your home to create talking points with guests and create a truly personalised space.”