DRAW for the second round of Wellington Ex-Services Skittles League's Cyril Hicks Singles Trophy, matches to be played on Wednesday, March 27 on the upstairs alley at the Conservative Club: 8p.m. Shaun Vile, Paul Desborough, Craig Newstead, Matty Gibbs, Kevin Sedgebeer, Lee Ellis. 9p.m. Steve Dowson, John Barker, Theo Ling, James May, Andy Chappel, Sam Vile.

Results of the opening round of matches of the competition at the Rockwell Green Institute on Wednesday of last week: 8p.m. Andy Chapple 48, Steve Dowson 48, Paul Desborough 46. 9p.m. Sam Vile 50, Shaun Vile 48, John Barker 47. Conservative Club downstairs: 8p.m. Theo Ling 49, Matty Gibbo 46, James May 45. 9p.m. Kevin Sedgebeer 55, Craig Newstead 51, Lee Ellis 47.

The big shocks in the opening round of the singles was the exit of the current holder Rob Higgs and five times winner Steve Trevelyan.

Kevin Sedgebeer was the top scorer on the night, hitting 55 downstairs at the Conservative Club, followed by Craig Newstead with 51 on the same alley. Other groups were topped by Andy Chapple and Steve Dowson both 48, Sam Vile 50 and Theo Ling 49.

Others who failed to make the second round included Glen Escott, Darren Sparks, Jamie Milton and Paul Winter.