If you've been wanting to see and enjoy more of what West Somerset has to offer, get out and explore some of its beautiful walks.

Here's a list of five of the best walks West Sommerset has to offer. There is something for everyone.

1. Grand Western Canal walk – Tiverton

The Grand Western Canal walk.
The Grand Western Canal walk. (Tony Atkin on Wikimedia Commons)

Surrounded by tranquil waters and a prime trail for bird spotting, the track is open year-round. This 10km walk takes you on a 2 hr 13 min journey along the Grand Western Canal. Dogs are welcome but must be on a lead. The route is moderately challenging due to the length but can be completed in parts if you’re not up for the whole 10km.

The walk boasts views of the forest, wildflowers and of course the canal. It starts just off Tiverton Road. Once there, head south on the canal before looping west less than a mile in. There are toilets available near the turnaround point.

2. Swans Neck Circular - Tiverton

For a shorter, quick, and easy alternative, the Swans Neck Circular 3.9k takes just 51 minutes to complete. The walk begins at Tiverton Road Car Park and takes you to Halberton, before continuing along the Grand Western Canal towpath around the bend, following it all the way back to the trailhead.

Along the way is a farm shop, kitted out for mid-walk pit-stops. The walk is suited to all abilities and is perfect for a family fun-filled adventure.

3. Dunkery Beacon Circular – Exmoor National Park

Dunkery Beacon, at 519m the highest point on Exmoor.
Dunkery Beacon, at 519m the highest point on Exmoor. (John H Darch )

Enjoy this moderately challenging 10km scenic route along Exmoor’s treasured moorland. It takes an average of 2 hrs 41 min to complete as you pass through Codsend Moors on your way to Dunkery Beacon.

The famous Beacon is the highest point in Exmoor, so be prepared for a steep asend, and a great sense of acomplishment.

There is much beautiful wildlife to encounter but be careful when passing by ponies or livestock. Start at the Minehead car park and make your way around the circular route.

4. Minehead to Porlock Weir via Southwest Coast Path – Exmoor

Directions to Porlock and Minehead.
Directions to Porlock and Minehead. (Lewis Clarke)

If the name doesn’t already give it away, this wonderful walk follows along the coastline, starting in Minehead and finishing in Porlock. The walk is known for its views of the Bristol Channel, Wales and green open fields.

The views come at a cost though, it’s a challenging 16.3k. and takes roughly 4 hrs 44 min to complete, making this walk one best prepared for.

Along the way expect to encounter some birdlife, wildflowers, and a lot of blue sea.

5. Liscombe and Knaplock Circular - Dulverton

The Tarr Steps on a quiet day.
The Tarr Steps on a quiet day. (Shaun Ferguson on Wikimedia Commons)

Consider this gentle stroll another walk for all the family.

To experience farmland, River Barle and wonderful, woodland scenery, embark on the 4km, 1 hr 10 min walk from Liscombe to Knaplock. As you near the end of the walk, you will encounter the Tarr Steps, a historic bridge across the river, which is worth a quick visit.

Begin either from the Tarr Steps car park or the Liscombe cottages, as it’s a circular walk the choice is yours. Use the step lane to finish the loop, or take the other footpath from the inn, across the fields.