CAMPAIGNERS have welcomed plans to introduce average speed cameras on a 'dangerous' stretch of the A38 just outside Wellington, at Whiteball.

There have been nine fatal incidents on the road in the past 20 years, prompting residents and councillors to call for safety measures to be introduced.

The Wellington Weekly understands that Somerset Council is progressing with plans to install average speed cameras at two locations, which are yet to be decided.

In addition to the cameras, other measures are being considered, include the construction of 170 metres of crash barrier, changes to the traffic flow around Hollywell Lake Lane and the introduction of a 50 mph limit on the main road.

However, it is understood that plans for police lay-bys for the deployment of traffic officers have been abandoned.

Average speed cameras could be installed at a site 400 metres east of Gypsy Lane and 400 metres west of the Perry Elm roundabout.

Average speed cameras work by measuring the time taken for a car to travel between two set points on a road, and they are usually seen on motorways.

The cameras are typically 200 metres apart, meaning they can help control vehicle speeds over a longer distance. If introduced, they could be the first average speed cameras on an A class road in Somerset.

Sampford Arundel Parish Council chairman Janet Lloyd has been campaigning for additional safety measures on the road for 20 years.

Cllr Lloyd said just three weeks ago Somerset Council had told her that they could not afford to introduce barriers and cameras, so she welcomed the apparent U-turn.

She said: "Our new county councillor Dave Mansell has been really helpful. He pursued the issue for us.

"A speed camera is what we want, there needs to be a deterrent.

"Three weeks ago we were told there was no money to introduce cameras and crash barriers, so I am pleased to see the situation appears to have changed.

Cllr Lloyd has welcomed an apparent U-turn over road safety measures on the A38
Cllr Lloyd has welcomed an apparent U-turn over road safety measures on the A38 (Tindle )

"We definitely need the cameras, whatever sort of cameras they are. I think we have had around 10 fatalities in 22 years.

"We were promised a speed indicator device by the police two years ago. They put them up, took them down, and then put notices up, and even that stopped happening.

"Hopefully, these plans go ahead. We dance with death when we come out onto the main road because we have idiots speeding at 70, 80, and 90 mph.

"I have complained to the police on many an occasion, I hear the motorbikes from in my back garden coming from Perry Elm and up Whiteball and over the Devon border and I should think some of them are doing more than 100 mph."