A number of Wellington homes have been targeted by burglars.

It is understood that two burglars were operating in the area over the Easter weekend.

They are believed to have been impersonating workmen as they made entry into at least one of the properties.

The thieves are reported to have been travelling in an unmarked white van, which they parked in Old Court, just off Mantle Street on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

They are said to have broken into two houses in the area, and stolen items from the yard of another. As cover for the thefts, a witness said the culprits were putting ladders up against houses in broad daylight and pretending to be workers.

The site of the thefts is a short walk from the Wellesley Cinema which was broken into on Easter Monday.

A local resident, who was a victim of the thieves, told the Wellington Weekly: "I was burgled on the same day that the Wellesley was broken into. I know they're the same people.

"The people that were doing the burglary were parked in Old Court with a van. They were ferrying stuff to and fro. They broke into two of the neighbours and stole an anvil of mine.

"They were in a white Vauxhall Astra van. They took a ladder off and pretended to be working at one of the houses. I thought they were actually working there - they came to and fro two or three times.

"My anvil went missing, it's worth two or three hundred quid. I didn't see them put it in the van but a lady said she saw them messing about with it."

The resident has reported the incident, but criticised the police response. He said: "They don't really want to know. I've said 'can you see if the CCTV works?' and they said they didn't think it worked down this end of the town. The police weren't there for over a week.

"On Easter Monday they came again pretending to be working. They tried to nick a granite trough but I saw them coming and approached them. I said 'look, a lady saw you nicking my anvil, bring it back and I won't report you'.

"I wrote their registration number on the side of my van through the dirt with my finger and they saw me do that. I thought the anvil might come back."

It remains unclear whether the alleged burglaries at Old Court are connected to the burglaries at the Wellesley Cinema, Tim Potter's and Coffee #1 - which police do believe were all carried out by the same person.

Police have been contacted to ask for a response.