A former MP for Taunton Deane will make a return for a campaign stop ahead of an expected general election later this year.

Jeremy Browne, who stood down from parliament in 2015 and now works as the CEO of a trade group, will return to the area to back Lib Dem candidate Gideon Amos’ bid to become the MP for Taunton and Wellington.

His two-day trip came as Mr Amos called on the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to call an immediate election.

Mr Amos said: “People are desperate for a new start for the country after so many broken promises, economic chaos, and continuing turmoil.

“Instead, the Conservatives in Parliament are gripping on to the last vestiges of influence by the tips of their fingers, locking people out of the change that’s needed.

“This is presumably so those at the top can keep their summer parties at Number Ten while the people I know here in Taunton and Wellington are struggling to pay the bills.”

Meanwhile, Mr Browne is attending a fund-raising dinner on Friday, March 22, and will then join Mr Amos the following day to meet voters at Creech St Michael Village Hall from 10.30am – all welcome.

Mr Browne was MP for Taunton Deane from 2005 to 2015, during which time he was a Minister in the Coalition Government.

He has more recently worked as the CEO of Canning House which works to build trading relationships between the UK, Latin America & Iberia.