A TOP boss at kdc/one has responded to concerns over noise pollution arising from the company’s factory in the town.

Resident Charles Biscoe had complained of his sleep being disturbed by early morning traffic as workers arrived for their shifts in the Station Road factory.

Mr Biscoe has now received a reply from the top of the manufacturing giant, which employs 15,000 people across the globe. Responding to Mr Biscoe’s complaint, Jane Fletcher, President Europe, at kdc/one, said the company was committed to minimising noise pollution: “We are sorry to hear about the resident’s concerns over the noise and environmental impact of traffic on Station Road and into and out of our site.

“As one of the largest companies in the town, employing more than 300 people, we take our environmental responsibility and relationships with the town extremely seriously and are always open to new ideas on how we can improve things. We have been in operation on Station Road since the 1950s and throughout this time have had employees working 24hrs a day. 

“We estimate that due to our close proximity to many employees residing in the town that some 50 per cent either cycle or walk in, although understandably this changes if there is inclement weather. We also operate a cycle to work scheme and many will use public transport if their shift time permits. 

“We constantly review the environmental impact of our operation in Wellington and we are currently investing in new equipment which will help in reducing the noise levels from the factory. From an environmental perspective we are also very pleased to have received planning permission to install solar panels on our new roof. We have already started communications with the local community on these works.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to communicating openly with and listening to our neighbours, we would be more than happy to meet with the resident and discuss their concerns.”

Responding to Ms Fletcher, Mr Biscoe said: “Well done to them for doing it. I don’t think many people have concerns over production noise - great that they’re tackling it though - but it’s the noise of traffic going into work.

“I appreciate it is a busy road I can appreciate people might consider our complaints a bit of a nimby thing, but I think they could do more to help their employees travel to work in a more neighbourly fashion. They are right in the middle of a residential area so they have a greater obligation to be neighbourly than someone out on an industrial estate.”

The row comes after the factory returned to around the clock operations, as part of a major upgrade which included an investment in a new “state of the art” production line.

It appears the fresh investment has already created jobs for the town, with the factory’s workforce now numbering more than 300 in size, making kdc/one the biggest single employer in Wellington.