Somerset Council have published the latest planning applications and decisions in the Wellington area. 

Applications received:


05/23/0003 - UA - DD

Conversion of garage into ancillary accommodation with erection of attached replacement garage to the side of 1 Desmond Rochford Way, Bishops Hull

05/23/0026 - SM - DD

Conversion of garage into annexe for ancillary accommodation at the rear of 126 Wellington Road, Taunton


07/23/0011/T - DG - DD

Notification to carry out management works to one yew tree, one walnut and one birch within Bradford on Tone Conservation Area at Thatchings, Oake Road, Bradford on Tone


09/23/0010 - SW - DD

Replacement of conservatory with the erection of a single storey extension to the side of The Manor Mill, Waterrow Road, Chipstable

09/23/0014 - ruwi - DD

Application for Outline Planning with all matters reserved for the erection of 1 No. agricultural workers dwelling at Heydon Hill Wood, West Wood Barn, Oldway, Chipstable



21/23/0007/T - DG - DD

Notification to fell one Magnolia tree within Langford Budville Conservation Area at Coneybeare, Langford Budville


23/23/0034 - DT - DD

Construction of 3 No. internal connecting farm access tracks at Higher Bickley, Luckham Bridge Road, Milverton

23/23/0035/T - DG - DD

Notification to fell one weeping birch tree within Milverton Conservation Area at Broadmead House, Fore Street, Milverton


43/23/0089 - AG - DD

Erection of a first floor extension to the side of 130 Barn Meads Road, Wellington

43/23/0091/LB - keke - DD

Removal of internal partition with the erection of relocated partitions to form 2 No. 

bedrooms with installation of 2 No. rooflights at Alder Barn, Popes Lane, Wellington 


44/23/0014 - AG - DD

Erection of a single storey extension to the side of The Cottage, Ridge Farm, Greenham, Wellington