Local singer Kiera Alice Chard celebrated a major milestone in her career after performing at one of the UK's biggest festivals.

Hot off her heels from releasing her debut single in June, Kiera spent two days performing at Boardmasters music festival in Cornwall.

The event attracted around 50,000 revellers, and featured music superstars such as Lorde, Liam Gallagher and Florence + the Machine.

Kiera, who began her performing career in 2008 in a production of Jack at the Beanstalk at The Wellesley, said performing at Boardmasters was 'a major milestone' in her career. She said:

"I went up on Saturday and Sunday and performed at Boardmasters over two days which was awesome. They had this big double decker bus which we performed from, it was a secret set, the people on the bus had no idea it was going to happen. 

Kiera spent two days performing at the festival from the Cornwall Pride bus
Kiera spent two days performing at the festival from the Cornwall Pride bus (Kiera Alice Chard)

"We were at the top of the bus with big speakers and as people got on they had no idea someone was about to perform and then as we set off the music started and it became a massive party as we went from the festival site to Fistral Beach like a mobile stage. 

"I was singing what I would do normally at a gig, covers of 70s music through to now and my new single Virtually Addicted.

"The busses were packed, everyone was filming and singing, it was really good fun and a great experience to perform at Boardmasters. This is definitely something I can put on my CV!'

After a summer of performances Kiera is now getting to work writing and recording her next releases.