A pet skunk which went missing from his home more than two weeks ago has been reunited with its owners after walking more than 13 miles to Wellington.

Barney escaped from his home last month and was found earlier this week stuck in a log pile in Wellington.

A fast response driver from Secret World Wildlife Rescue took Barney to the Mount Veterinary Hospital, from where he was reunited with his owners in Kentisbeare, Devon.

Posting on Facebook, SWWR wrote: "We had a phone call about a badger stuck in the log pile in a garden in Wellington.

"Upon arrival our response driver quickly realised that the “badger” was in fact a skunk! Our response driver took the skunk to the local vet practice, The Mount Veterinary Hospital. We are pleased to say they were able to get in contact with the owner and reunite them with Barney."

Barney is now back home with his owners (SWWR / Tindle)

Skunks are carniverous, but will forage for whatever food they find in the wild - including small birds, and their eggs.

George Bethell, from Secret World, said Barney was lucky to have been able to find food during his adventure.

"He'd clearly been on the run for a little while, but was doing OK."

He said while skunks can be unpredictable, Barney was clearly a pet and used to human contact - so there was little chance of a smelly squirt. "They have sharp teeth so our advice to the handler was to take care," he said.

The missing skunk was found in a wood store (SWWR)

Mr Bethell added: "We are glad Barney has been reunited with his owner and that Secret World could play a part in his return. Although, this is not the first time we’ve had reports of a skunk on the loose, last year there was a skunk seen in Bridgwater High Street- likely another escaped pet. So just because it is black and stripey, doesn’t always mean it is a badger!”