PLANS to get rid of Taunton railway station's ticket office have been scrapped.

It comes after the proposals put forward by train operators were met with widespread opposition.

A petition launched by Liberal Democrat candidate for Taunton and Wellington, Gideon Amos, attracted hundreds of signatures in support of retaining the ticket office.

Commenting on the decision, Mr Amos said: "Mr Amos said: “This U-turn is the best possible outcome of our campaign here in Taunton to save our station ticket office, one of the biggest of all those that were raised around the country.

“When I booked a room for a public meeting to oppose the closure, I didn’t realise that on the day it would be full to bursting. To then get so many signatures on our petition was a massive boost.

“I congratulate everyone who signed it or wrote in of their own volition - you have succeeded and together as a team, working for you, we have saved something great about Taunton and those travelling to or from the station.

“To know we shall still have the great staff there to support people and make our station safer and more welcoming is also brilliant news."

The news came after the government's transport secretary instructed train operators to withdraw the plans, after they were judged not to meet passenger standards.