School crossing patrol man Kevin Manning had a tear in his eye when the children broke up for half-term – because it was his last day in the job.

He was given ‘a very nice send-off’ by St John’s CofE Primary School in Wellington. He went round the school to say goodbye and was presented with cards and even chocolates.

“I must admit, there were tears in my eyes when I got home and read some of the messages. I’m really going to miss working there,” said Kevin, who is moving on to a new job.

He started at St John’s five years ago: “I only went as temporary cover but I ended up taking over. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it – it’s been so rewarding.

“Meeting all the children every morning and evening, getting to know which child belongs to which parent, you build up a bond with them – I’ve become quite friendly with a lot of the parents.

“One thing I’ll miss most is seeing the children’s smiles in the morning and evening. There’s a couple of them who’d scream at the top of their voices ‘Thank you Kevin!’. It’s nice to get that every morning and evening.”

He said the hours suited him well, as it meant he could take his wife, Kelly, to and from work – and their ten-year-old daughter Mia being a pupil at St John’s was a bonus.

Now the school is looking for someone replace Kevin, who said: “Some of the children were disappointed that I was leaving. We’ve known each other for a long time.”

Anyone interested in applying for the role should contact St John’s CofE Primary on 01823 662541.