JUST one day after the opening of a new skatepark in Uffculme, vulgar graffiti has been spotted.

Swear words and offensive images could be seen in green neon paint on the ramps, provoking outrage among the local community.

One local took to social media to highlight the situation. 

They said: “Vandalism… again! Just a day after announcing the new play equipment as being open, reports of graffiti have been received.”

Many other local people took to the social media platform to express their outrage and disappointment.

One user said: “What is wrong with people? No respect for anyone or anything. Spreading nasty curse words where children will go, just why?”

An eyewitness commented on the post: “It was done just before midnight last night. Can’t blame the kids for this one, it was done by four young men, I watched them duck every time a car went by.”

According to sources from Uffculme, vandalism is a huge issue for the town and therefore, local people have urged Devon and Cornwall Police to investigate.