THREE new contracts have been awarded by Somerset Council to deliver £140 million of essential road maintenance and improvements across the county. 

Four-year contracts were given to Kiely Bros Ltd and Heidelberg Materials to deliver surface treatment services and resurfacing services, respectively.

A third contract for four years went to Octavius Infrastructure Ltd to deliver new infrastructure assets, including traffic calming and active travel measures.

The contracts were approved by Somerset Council’s executive following a tendering process and will ensure the authority meets its statutory duties to maintain and improve its 4,172-mile road network to the required standards.

The council also recently signed a new, £225 million eight-year contract with Kier Transportation Ltd to deliver essential core maintenance across its road network.

Kier’s agreement covers key maintenance works, including road repairs, drainage, verge cutting, and winter services such as gritting and other emergency functions in bad weather.

A current contract with Milestone Infrastructure will come to an end next March.

Since 2021, the council has been engaged in a tendering process involving suppliers from across the UK.

In a change to the way it delivers services, the authority has divided the existing agreement into four separate contracts covering different areas of service delivery.

It aims to increase efficiency, cost effectiveness, and innovation while being more resilient to climate change with a reduced carbon output.

Somerset executive Cllr Mike Rigby said: “We are really pleased to announce these latest contracts.

“It signals a new era for our highways contracts, which are focused on ensuring maximum value and sustainability for these essential services.

“We are committed to building in resilience to climate change, ensuring a safe, serviceable, and sustainable network that is fit for purpose for all users and supports the growth of the local economy.

“Now more than ever it is vital that we have a financially resilient service that is cost effective, as well as being flexible and agile, attracting the best people, and embracing new technologies to enable innovation.”

Kiely Bros will deliver a wide range of surface treatment services, including road surface dressing, footway crack sealing, ironwork strengthening, and support, preparatory drainage, patching, and cleaning, as well as post-surfacing road markings, studs, and high friction surfacing.

Mike Kiely, Kiely Group managing director, said: “We are delighted to be awarded this contract and to be continuing our work in the county of Somerset.

“Kiely Group has provided over 20 million square meters of surface dressing work across the county since we began working here in 2008 and we are thankful to the local authority for their open-minded and collaborative approach throughout the years.

“We remain committed to maintaining the road network for the residents of the county over the duration of this next contract.”

Heidelberg Materials will deliver carriageway resurfacing, reconstruction, preparatory drainage works, and post-surfacing road markings, studs, and high friction surfacing.

Gareth Day, asphalt and contracting managing director at Heidelberg, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Somerset Council and are looking forward to helping the team deliver its ambitious carbon reduction targets.

“We have a proven track record in delivering high quality, lower carbon, value-for-money schemes that help our customers meet their efficiency and sustainability targets and improve roads for local residents.”

Octavius Infrastructure will deliver all manner of highway improvement schemes and other work including safety schemes and traffic calming measures, and infrastructure associated with active travel, electric vehicles, public transport, and mobility hubs.

Gavin Pritchard, Octavius Highways managing director said: “Octavius is delighted to be selected as Somerset highways partner.

“We will take every opportunity we can to collaborate with Somerset’s own team, local stakeholders and communities, and work closely with the other appointed partners.

“Our aim is to openly share best practice and learning to deliver the very best solutions in fulfilling the needs of Somerset highway users and in doing so address climate change.”