UFFCULME School alumni travelled from as far as Florida to reunite with their former classmates more than four decades after graduating.

The school leavers, who graduated in 1980 and all turn 60 this year, held their reunion in the Skylark pub in Wellington on Saturday, April 6.

A total of 21 former pupils attended the reunion, with attendees travelling from Wales, Scotland and even the United States to make the event.

Ruth Hill, who organised the reunion, said the occasion was a “smashing success” where the former students, and even a former deputy head teacher, shared fond memories of their time at the school. Ruth said: “It was a reunion for the school leavers of 1980, we have all turned 60 this year, so we had a big cake and some balloons to celebrate.

Ruth Hill, who helped organise the event, and her scrapbook of years gone by
Ruth Hill, who helped organise the event, and her scrapbook of years gone by (Tindle )

“Our former deputy head, Mr Cork, came with his wife which was lovely. I remember we did a production of Oliver and he admitted he forgot his lines and had to have somebody standing off stage telling him what to say.

“We shared stories from the past, including taking a shortcut through the cross-country circuit and waiting for the others to catch up and having to jump in a freezing cold outside pool each week for swimming lessons.”

The reunion also fondly remembered a number of popular teachers, including Mr Spalding, who sought history, and still lives in Wellington.

Ruth didn’t name a less popular teacher who always ‘picked their nose and scratched their bottom.’

Ruth said a particular highlight was when the late Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip, personally attended a D of E event and she along with other students was pictured with him.

The group also joked about nicknames, with one unfortunate student branded ‘bogey’ which they said had “stuck to them” for quite some time. Ruth said: “People were quite harsh back then with nicknames.”

The group are now hoping to reunite in 2030, which would mark fifty years since the cohort graduated from Uffculme School. Ruth said she hoped those who couldn’t make it to this event, would make an appearance in the future.