Somerset Council has stepped in after glass from an upstairs window of an empty Wellington town centre building fell out and crashed onto the pavement.

The former Kaffee Klatsch bakery, on the corner between the High Street and South Street, has repeatedly come under fire as an ‘eyesore’ after the business owners left the building vacant in 2022.

The building, which lies within Wellington’s designated ‘conservation zone’, appears to have deteriorated since then, with weeds growing from the interior of the property.

Now authorities have intervened after glass from an upstairs window fell from the building and crashed into the pavement below.

It is understood nobody was hurt in the incident.

A spokesperson for Somerset Council said Building Control workers had now “removed the immediate danger” by taking out cracked panes of glass.

The council also said it is attempting to trace the building’s owners so they could be informed about the state of the property.