A TRAVELLER site near Wellington is set to be approved after the council’s planning officer recommended councillors should green light the proposals.

Planning officer Anthony Pick said the development would fulfil an ‘unmet need’, making his appraisal he told councillors: “The proposed development will not give rise to any significant adverse impact upon highway safety.

“Whilst there will a modest impact on the landscape, a landscaping scheme will be secured by planning condition to provide screening and help assimilate the development into the landscape.”

The site, which is currently agricultural land, would create a number of pitches for members of the traveller community to park their caravans. Mr Pick noted councillor John Hunt lodged an objection on behalf of 38 nearby residents, citing concerns over traffic.

Mr Pick referred to comments by the Highways authority, stating that while visibility to the site entrance is “below standard” there was already an established access principle established as vehicles already moved in and out of the site, and raised no objection.

In his report to the planning committee, Mr Pick concluded: “The proposal is considered acceptable on highway safety grounds in the absence of an objection from the Highway Authority.

“Given the modest scale and sitting of the development it is considered the proposal would have no adverse impact upon residential amenity or dominate the settled community.

“For the reasons set out in this report, having regard to all the matters raised, it is recommended that planning permission is granted.”

A final decision will be taken by councillors on May 1.