Miraculously, the rain soaked week, stopped for a few hours to allow the annual tennis match between Wellington Tennis Club and Wellington School to be played.

Traditionally, 12 adults play 12 juniors with 6 pairs playing at the school at 5pm and the second group playing at the Club under the floodlights.

The round robin format meant each pair plays 3 short Fast 4 sets with no advantage deuce and if it’s 3-3 in games, they played a 7 point tiebreak- or 2 points ahead.

In the first session, there were many very close games with the the Club’s Margaret Staker and Geoff Lee winning all 3 of their rubbers and triumphing over Wellington School’s Freddie and Will 4-3. At the end of this session, the school were trailing 3-6.

Over at the Club, pupils Ben and Max with their powerful serving, beat Liz Dèem and Sue Rackley, however lost to Janet Dobson and Greg Sellers.

The Club’s A team men, James Cross and Patrick Hamilton were undefeated and so the Club won 12-6 overall.

Organisers, Club Chair Sue Rackley and School and Club coach, Dan Sizer said, “These matches are a great pre-season experience in order to help prepare everyone for the busy season ahead.”

Both teams will soon start their competitive summer season, with the pupils competing against other schools and the Club’s three teams competing in the West Somerset League.