THERE were three exciting matches played in the Afternoon League at Wellington Bowling Club this week.

The indoor season is drawing to an end and all the teams are vying for final places in the league table.

Trailblazers were sitting happily at the top of the table coming into their match against Yzeds this week.

Keith Jennings, Angela Moore, Steve Horrill and Skip Ian Hollingsworth's Trailblazers wanted to clinch their all powerful position at the top of the table.

Yzeds: l-r, June Anderson, Ken Foweraker, Suzanne Worth and Chris Thorne.
Yzeds: l-r, June Anderson, Ken Foweraker, Suzanne Worth and Chris Thorne. (Submitted)

However Suzanne Worth, June Anderson, Ken Foweraker and Skip Chris Thorne's Yzeds were out to do what they could to stop them.

There was never anything between the teams all through the game. Suzanne Worth and June Anderson played particularly well for Yzeds but Trailblazers were just that bit more consistent and managed a small lead which they held until the end for a 13 – 10 victory.

That win cemented Trailblazers as champions of the Afternoon League.

Second placed Blackbirds were not all that chirpy because they knew they couldn't catch Trailblazers this time but they were up for a fight against Badgers because they were determined to hang on to second place.

Badgers have been there or thereabouts all season. They have fought well and deserve to be in fourth coming into this game. Pat Bridger, Wendy Scott, David Bridger and Skip Clive Manning's Badgers wanted to hold their position or even move up one place.

Liz May, Tony West, Arthur Carter and Skip Alan May's Blackbirds got going right from the start and by the seventh were 9 – 1 up.

Badgers were in a deep hole but they dug themselves out to take seven shots over the last ends to make the final score a bit more respectable. But their efforts were not enough to win it. The victors were the Blackbirds and the final score was 14 – 8.

The third placed team coming into their game were the Eagles. They were very keen to win their match in the hope of capturing second place in the league before the end of the season.

They were up against Demons who were on a high having won their last match pretty convincingly. Trevor Jenkins, John Stephens, Andy Pearce and Skip Ernie Windsor's Demons thought they stood a good chance but they had not taken into account the strength of the opposition.

Sally Waygood, Derek Vile, Gerry Mangeolles and Skip Nick Channon's Eagles were ready for anything and were out to prove they were the best.

Demons managed to be level after two ends but after that the Eagles soared and although Demons picked up five shots during the game, the end result was never in doubt.

Eagles were flying high and won convincingly 18 shots to 5.