Woodpeckers are the Wellington Bowling Club Weekend Triples League Champions.

But before all the league points were counted they had to take on second placed Skylarks.

Janet Lovell, Steve Lovell and Skip Nick Channon's Woodpeckers started with a single shot in the first end but Maurine Carter, Dave Bridger and Skip Arthur Carter's Skylarks fought back with a massive 5 shots in the second.

Woodpeckers got down to some serious bowls and by the eighth were just one shot behind 10-11

The final ends were nip and tuck but when the bell went for the end of the game Skylarks were just ahead, winning it 18 shots to 17.

Fortunately for Woodpeckers, despite losing this game, they had amassed more wins than any other team so were declared champions.

In the second game, third placed Southsiders came up against fourth placed New Rollers.

Steve Bradnum, Angie Moore and Skip Steve Horrill's Southsiders set off at a brisk pace taking a 6 shots to 1 lead after three. Rollers came back and by the sixth they were only one behind. The final ends went to Southsiders although several were very close.

After 14 ends Southsiders had pulled ahead enough to claim a well deserved victory 29-8