Pupils in Years 3 and 4 at St John’s C of E Primary School, Wellington, fully immersed themselves in their ’topic’ when they learned about the Stone Age.

Both classes spent a day as cave men and women. The children enjoyed dressing up and creating their own ’bone’ necklaces with pasta. 

They made axes with paper mache ready for hunting in the school grounds for their paleolithic lunch. They feasted among the dinosaurs, and enjoyed a banquet of vegetable soup, dinosaur legs and wings (chicken drumsticks and wings), leaves (salad), forest fries served up with a dollop of dinosaur blood (tomato sauce).

Pudding was mud cake, with woolly mammoth milk and foraged berry sauce, which tasted a lot like black forest gateau!

After such a feast, the cave men and women returned to their caves for a restful afternoon creating cave drawings of prehistoric animals. 

All of the children and staff had a wonderful day, and the hands-on event really helped their understanding of this fascinating era.