DETAILS on how Wellington’s replacement banking hub service will work have been revealed.

The replacement service opened its doors on Monday, March 18, in what was a race against time to get up and running before the town’s last bank closed for good.

Located at 30 Fore Street, the hub will provide local residents and businesses with basic banking and cash services.

It will be open from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, and operate a counter service run by Post Office staff which will service customers from all major banks.

It will also offer a community banker service, where customers can talk to representatives from their own bank about various issues.

Community bankers will work on a rotation, with a representative from a different bank available on separate days.

Customers will be able to speak to a representative from HSBC on Monday, NatWest on Tuesday, Lloyds on Wednesday, Santander on Thursday and Barclays on Friday.

The hub, which is adjacent to the town council office, is still looking for a permanent home for the county’s first banking hub.

Commenting, the CEO of Cash Access UK which opened the hub, said: “I’m happy to announce the opening of our first Banking Hub in Somerset, where residents will be able to access cash and face-to-face banking services. I would like to thank Wellington Town Council for their support in helping us to bring this temporary Hub so quickly to the community. We are working hard to progress the permanent home for the Hub and we’ll have more news for the community soon.”

Mayor Marcus Barr, Wellington Town Council: “We are delighted that the Town Council has been able to offer a location for the temporary banking hub to open in the town and even more pleased that Cash Access UK has been able to get it opened before the Lloyds Bank Branch closes. We understand how important it is for our community to have access to banking facilities in the town centre and look forward to the permanent hub opening soon.”

For further information visit the Cash Access website: