Brooke Hunt has set out ambitious plans to expand her town centre clinic, after she said the community helped it get off to a flying start.

Twenty-three-year old Brooke spent five years working in ear care before opening her own clinic, Monument Hearing Care, in Lancer Court in September. She thanked the town for its support, which has seen the clinic enjoy a 'very busy' first couple of months. She said:

"I have had a really good first couple of months, I have been so happy with it and people have been really supportive it has gone really well.  "It has been very busy which has been lovely, it is so much nicer having a place. I still love doing home visits but it is great to have a base too."

Brooke said she had received great feedback on her services since opening, a service she said many people could benefit from: "It is a service that so many people need, the NHS used to always do it for free and it would be nice if that option was still there but now you’re very lucky if your practice still does it. 

"I have had some really nice reviews, and lovely feedback about the clinic here which is nice because it took so long to make it."

Brooke also shared her top ear care tip - don't use earbuds! She explained: "Don’t use earbuds, you can make the wax worse. When you swab with a cotton bud you will pick up wax but you’ll also push some back in. I have seen some cotton bud horror stories that’s for sure."

Ear wax removal could just be the start for Brooke's town centre clinic though, as she has ambitious goals to train as an audiologist, and provide optical services too. She said:

"My ambition is to be Monument Hearing Care and Opticians. Ten years down the line I’d love to be helping people with their eyes and ears, having them both in one place would be brilliant. We don’t have an audiologist here and I would love to be able to do that."