A WELLINGTON couple have spoken of their devastation after their rescue cat was run over in the town centre - and thanked a passerby who tried to saver her.

James Sharland and his partner Tracey were ‘shocked and saddened’ when their six-and-a-half-year-old cat, Misty, was hit by a vehicle on the morning of Tuesday, January 4.

The couple, who do not have children, said Misty was ‘like a child’ and that that her loss had left a big hole in their lives.

James, 55, who works in Relyon, said: “We had Misty for six years, she was a rescue cat from Cat’s Protection. We have always had cats, we are cat lovers.

“Misty was part of the furniture, her loss has left a big hole in our lives.”

After Misty was hit as a vehicle was either entering or leaving the medical centre, a member of the public intervened to rush her to Mount Vets on Taunton Road.

Unfortunately, Misty was declared dead by vets on arriving who then contacted James and Tracey to inform them of the tragic news.

James extended his thanks to those who tried to help - and shared fond memories of Misty the cat. He said: “Unfortunately, she had already died by the time they arrived at the vets. We don’t know the names of the good Samaritans but we would like to know who helped to thank them in person if possible.

“She loved cuddles and would jump on your shoulder in the morning, snuggle right into your neck, she loved shoulder cuddles all the time.  “She brought us a lot of happiness. She was always cuddling up. She had a warm and loving temperament, she was very nice.

“We put a lot of effort into looking after them – we both do – you spend a lot of time looking after them and trying to keep them safe and something happens to them.

“I was devastated when it happened. My partner was very upset and still is.”

James and Tracey, who only had the one pet, are now planning on buying a new cat to join their family.