WELLINGTON residents have been told ‘gong baths’ could provide “deep relaxation and healing.”

Organisers of an upcoming gong bath session, in which participants are encouraged to relax having the percussion instruments banged around them, say it will “entrain your brainwaves.”

Speaking ahead of an upcoming session in Staplegrove village hall, they said: “Give yourself some time-out to relax, re-align and enjoy the healing benefits of some amazing gongs. Soak up the sound and the stillness. Transcend limitations and illusions of this world.

“Make sure you bring something to lie on, water and a blanket, for your warmth, comfort and enjoyment. And afterwards, enjoy sipping a spiced tea with chocolate treat as you gently come back to earth.

“The pure harmonics of these extraordinary instruments entrain your brainwaves, soothing and slowing your busy mind into a meditative state while the vibrations gently restore resonance and harmony throughout your physical and non-physical body. Deeply restorative and rejuvenating, by the end you’ll feel beautifully calm and relaxed.”

Explaining how they believe the process works, they said: “Sound healing is a unique experience. It goes beyond. It connects you to the vast ocean of peace and calm that lies within us all, to the joy of vibrational alignment and the resonance of your true soul note.

“Weaving together the magic of voice, gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, Native American pipe and silence you will be transported to a blissful state of inner peace. It’s a journey that beckons to beyond the logical mind and concrete world. Gently crossing thresholds into realms of energy and magic, of subtle energy bodies and the unseen.

“Wonderfully restorative and deeply relaxing, the experience nourishes on many levels as the sound vibrations bring the brain to a state of calm.”

The first in a series of gong baths is set to begin on Sunday, July 16, at 11 am.