PARIS in the spring. It sounds a perfect life – unless, of course, you already had a perfect life and now you’re living it in a wheelchair.

That’s the story behind Untouchable (15), one of the most successful French films of the past decade, screening at Wellington Arts Centre on April 20 as part of Wellington Film Festival.

The Wellington Weekly has tickets to give away as quiz prizes for the film, which sounds gloomy, but is actually joyous and funny.

Just answer four questions at the end of this article and stand by by to enjoy the film.

Philippe (François Cluzet), is a rich aristocrat and habitual thrill-seeker who becomes quadriplegic after a paragliding accident.

Alone in the world and unable to care for himself in even the most basic ways, Philippe employs a jobless young black man Driss (Omar Sy) as his 24-hour carer.

Out of a mixture of snobbery and concern, Philippe’s friends and family are concerned and appalled by the situation.

However, despite their different backgrounds and outlooks on life, the two quickly form an intense bond, teaching each other important life lessons about acceptance, respect, and the true meaning of friendship.

Filmed on location in Paris and with a string of international awards, Untouchable is a film that will genuinely make you laugh and cry in the same 109 minutes.

And now for the Quiz:

1. Which river runs through the centre of Paris?

2. Emily in Paris is a hit show on which TV streaming service?

3. Which French cathedral was badly damaged by fire in 2019

4. What is President Macron’s first name

Email answers by noon on Thursday, April 11, to [email protected] with ‘Film Festival Quiz’ in the subject line and answers will be published next week. Winners will be notified by email.