Retired Lorry driver Stephen Carr’s latest children’s book hit the shelves in November. His new book, The Adventures of the Bean People 2, is the sequel to The Adventures of the Bean People. 

The idea for the stories, which feature a town populated by beans, was dreamt up by Stephen while he was off sick from work. As Stephen’s wife Gail served him up baked beans on toast, he slipped into a dreamlike state.

Under the influence of sedatives Stephen saw a town populated by different varieties of beans, with each bean embarking upon its own adventure.The beans, Stephen said, have their own roles to play.

The cannellini bean owns an Italian restaurant. The kidney bean is a doctor. The baked bean is, of course, a baker. 

One of the bean men rides a horse
One of the bean men rides a horse (Stephen Carr)

Stephen says he has received tremendous feedback on the book, which readers tell him is a great bedtime story, and a useful learning resource for kids. He added: “I’ve had a number of 5 star reviews.”

Stephen’s five grandchildren have each received a copy of the book. Stephen said “I’ve read it to them. It is good for the kids they seem to enjoy them.” 

Prior to turning his hand to writing, Stephen spent most of his life working as a lorry driver. For 15 years he worked for local Wellington firm RH Fireboard. At one stage he was the supervisor for transport and warehouse.  He also worked at several quarries.

He said: “Sometimes I’d be on the A35 dumpers, or a bulldozer or sometimes a shovel loading, I was an all-round machine operator.” Prior to his illness Stephen was a keen player of darts and skittles. He was a member of the Weaver’s Arms darts and skittles pub team. He also enjoyed outdoor activities such as fishing and shooting. 

However, Stephen has found a new interest in writing, and hopes an upcoming book fare at which his book will be showcased will shine a spotlight on the Bean books. There are said to be 60,000 people set to attend the upcoming fare.  

Asked whether there would be a third instalment of the Bean saga, Stephen replied that “You’re gonna have to wait and see”. He added that “I think there will be a book three, but it might not be for another year or so”.