This morning in Wellington, it's a pleasant 16°C.

There's a mix of sun and clouds overhead.

No need to worry about any rain as the sky will remain clear.

As we move into the afternoon, the temperature will rise slightly to a comfortable 18°C.

Expect clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine throughout the afternoon.

Looking ahead to tomorrow morning, the temperature will be similar to today at 16°C.

However, unlike today, there will be some scattered showers in the morning.

Moving into the afternoon, the temperature will increase slightly to 17°C.

The scattered showers will continue, so don't forget your umbrella if you're heading out.

As for the general trend over the next few days, temperatures will remain constant at 11°C.

Expect consistent conditions with a fair amount of precipitation.

So, keep your rain gear handy and stay warm!

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