This morning in Wellington, we're expecting a warm start to the day with a temperature of 10°C. There will be a chance of scattered showers, so don't forget your umbrella. As we move into the afternoon, the temperature will remain steady at 10°C. The sky will clear up, giving us a sunny afternoon.

Tomorrow morning, we're looking at similar conditions to today. The temperature will be slightly cooler at 9°C, but the sky will be cloudy with sunny spells. By the afternoon, the temperature will stay the same at 9°C. The sky will remain cloudy with sunny spells, so you can expect a pleasant day overall.

Over the next few days, the general trend shows a slight drop in temperature. The minimum temperature will be 6°C, while the maximum will be 9°C. We may see some scattered showers, so keep your rain gear handy. The temperature for the day will be around 9°C.

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