A HOUSEBUILDER has responded to public anger over plans to to build more than 300 new homes in Rockwell Green.

Gladman Developments, which is seeking permission to create a new housing estate to the north of Exeter Road, has publicly addressed concerns over its plans after dozens of local people lodged objections.

Objectors cited a range of concerns, including a lack of local infrastructure, potential flooding and road safety. In a letter to planners Gladman accused the council of having “out of date planning policies” and said the “limited adverse landscape impact and loss of agricultural land” associated with the construction would not outweigh the benefits of the new estate.

Responding to concerns over potential traffic congestion, Gladman said “the amount of traffic generated by the development is modest and quickly disperses through the network and so will not have a material effect on the current situation” and added that no objection had been received by National Highways.

A number of residents raised concerns around public transport, school plans and car parking. The developer sought to alleviate worries by saying new residents would be provided with an information pack to avail themselves of local transport services and that their arrival would generate annual additional spending of £10 million which could boost local services.

Gladman disclosed that they would be making a financial contribution to help expand local school services. They said: “Gladman recognise the significant number of comments in relation to education provision.

“Consultation with the local education authority has confirmed there is no requirement for a new school on the site as there is sufficient provision within the forecast planning area. Gladman will be providing a financial contribution towards the expansion and building of new education facilities.”

After some residents expressed fears over local medical services becoming stretched to breaking point, Gladman said the fact the Medical Centre advertises online that is accepting new patients ‘suggests there is capacity.’

The housebuilder committed to taking into account resident’s concerns, and said they hoped the satement would ‘alleviate concern.’ They said: “We will continue to monitor the responses from local residents in order to ensure our proposals successfully meet the needs of both new and existing residents of Rockwell Green.”