A Wellington resident has expressed their frustration over parking enforcement measures in a town centre social housing estate.

Chris Lech, of Old Court Mews, has claimed "Residents are confused about the rules and regulations" and that the enforcement regime had created "A sense of frustration and discontent within our community."

The row erupted after the introduction of parking permits for residents, a measure aimed at preventing the "unsafe parking of vehicles."

But Mr Lech said the lack of clarity around the new rules had caused difficulties. He said: "Our housing estate is currently facing a significant problem with regards to parking management, which is causing confusion and frustration among the residents.

"The issue stems from LiveWest, the landlords of our estate, attempting to enforce parking regulations on residents who do not have allocated parking spaces. The crux of the problem lies in the lack of clarity and transparency in the implementation of this parking management scheme. Residents are confused about the rules and regulations, as no proper signage or information has been provided to outline the policies.

"The only indications of the parking company's involvement are a logo and the company name, which do not provide sufficient guidance or information. As a result, many residents are only now sending in their feedback and complaints about the scheme, creating a sense of frustration and discontent within our community. Furthermore, there is a risk that drivers who are unaware of the situation may still use our area for free parking, potentially exacerbating the issue."

Responding to the complaint, LiveWest, the estate's landlords, said the scheme came about in response to concern by residents and police over parking at the site. In a statement, James Reseigh, Director of Neighbourhoods for LiveWest, said: "We have engaged with all of our residents about our new 12-month trial parking scheme, providing them with a parking permit which will secure their allocated vehicle parking space and ensure the roads and pathways aren’t obstructed.

"This is in response to a number of concerns raised by our residents and the police about unsafe parking of vehicles, many of which are not owned by residents in that neighbourhood.

"The aim is to provide an effective parking scheme that will ensure all of our residents with parking have a safe and secure place to park.

"We have asked residents for their feedback and have postponed the start date to Monday 23October to allow us time to answer any additional questions and ensure they are happy with the new scheme.”