A SERIES of ‘special’ events are set to take place in the Globe Inn in Milverton as the owners seek to squash rumours of its sudden closure.

It follows a claim that someone took to the internet to de-list the last pub in the village from Google on the basis it had closed.

But now owners Mark and Adele Tarry have hit back, saying: “We are very much still open and are very proud to have just celebrated 18 years at the helm here at the Globe. All these rumours have been particularly hurtful to our children who were both born here and now help by working with us."

The pub will be putting on a curry night on February 22, followed by ‘poetry and pints’ night on March 5 and a Chinese night on March 21.

Mr and Mrs Tarry said they were trying to get to the bottom of a number of false rumours, including that the Community Benefit Society - which is seeking to takeover the pub - had bought the business and that the couple were now working for the group.

The pub remains open while on the market, as the community group work to put together a plan which would see villagers having a stake in the business.