Somerset's Police and Crime Commissioner has been told more police are needed on the streets.

In a letter to the Police Commissioner, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Taunton and Wellington Gideon Amos said there was a 'real need' to boost police presence on the ground. He said:

“I am writing to ask, in the light of concerns in Taunton about levels of crime and anti-social behaviour, how many of these additional officers will be posted to Taunton and Wellington, particularly our town centres, and over what timescale?

“Can I therefore ask for the public to be given a guaranteed level of police officers on duty in Taunton and Wellington and that this is increased from current levels?

“This is particularly important given the jump in anti-social behaviour in Taunton Central shown on the constabulary’s website at 69 incidents in June, the latest month for which figures are available, up from 49 or fewer incidents in every other month of this year. 

“I’m sure you would agree with me that 'bobbies on the beat' are both an evident deterrent and the clearest sign the public can have that crime will be tackled and addressed. Proper community policing needs to be brought back.”

Mr Amos accused the Conservative government of making the biggest cuts to the police in their history and said he wanted to see "cuts to police reversed and officers put back on our streets."

The call comes after a spate of vandalism which rocked both Taunton and Wellington over the Summer.