A farm near Wellington is looking to make some of its agricultural land available as a holiday destination for glampers.

Wagtail Farm in Stawley, near Wellington, is looking to erect new facilities to accommodate 'glamourous campers' in new structures on its land.

If given the go ahead, a yurt and bathroom block would be built on a 632 sq metre site at the farm. In addition, decking would go up around an existing potting shed which would be converted into a cabin.

At present, Wigtail Farm is a 26 acre small holding. The site grows and juices vegetables, contains land for pasture, and is home to woodland and wildlife ponds. But now some of its land could be made available as a getaway for holiday makers.

Speaking about his plan for a new Yurt, Matt Messom, the farm's owner, said: "It would be built from local sustainable wood. It will be insulated with either sheep's wool insulation or recycled plastic bottles insulation. It would be heated by an efficient wood stove.

"The roof would be a green-roof construction with multiple insect friendly grasses, herbs, sedums and flowers. We would use the same mix as our dwelling house containing 40 species."

Mr Messom said the shower and toilet block which would service the accommodation will also be built from sustainable, locally sourced timber, to remain in keeping with the look of the other proposed structures.

The proposal also outlined a number of eco-friendly measures - including low carbon insulation and a commitment to plant new hedgerows and trees.

Mr Messom's proposals have gone before planners, who are aiming to come to a decision before July.