THE Reform party has been branded ‘a disgrace’ after it failed to tell voters their local candidate had died.  Robert Rush, of Langford Budville, was the party’s candidate for the Central Devon constituency before he ‘died suddenly’ earlier this year.  A regular writer to the Wellington Weekly, Mr Rush’s last message to the paper urged readers to back his party in his usual inimitable style, calling on them to reject the ‘two major parties and the Limp Dumbs.’

However, following his tragic death, Reform did not pay tribute to their candidate, who had spent several months energetically campaigning for the party. Instead his image was simply removed from the party’s website without explanation.  When the Wellington Weekly approached the party for a tribute to Mr Rush ahead of his funeral, they failed to comment despite being asked on multiple occasions over a period of two weeks. 

Prospective Reform voters in Wellington have now slammed the party as ‘disgraceful’ over their treatment of the popular candidate.  One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I find it disgraceful, the party have been incredibly insensitive. “It makes me question if they really would be suitable to run the country.” It comes after national press reported how the party apologised for sacking a candidate, who it later emerged had died, because they didn’t respond to campaign emails. Tommy Cackwell, a lifeboat volunteer, had been set to stand in a Yorkshire constituency, before the party dropped him for being ‘inactive.’