More families are needed to accommodate refugees in Somerset, the council has said.

More than 1,500 Ukranians have been settled across the county since the launch of the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

But now Somerset Council have said more host families are needed. Chris Hall, executive director of Community Services at the council said: “It is thanks to the incredible generosity and commitment of our host families that we have been able to welcome, re-settle and support so many of our Ukrainian guests.

"Since the scheme was launched, we have witnessed some truly awe-inspiring stories of compassion and resilience within our communities; the strength, determination and the simple acts of kindness that have been shared between host and guest has been invaluable to our communities and families, in so many ways.”

Somerset couple Julie and John took in two Ukranian families last year. They said they had formed a special connection since that time. Julie commented: “We have gained so much from the experience; the friendship, the connection with two Ukrainian families we would never had otherwise made. We’ll be friends for life. 

“For us it was an easy decision to make; we knew we had to respond, do something. My advice – if you are able – would be to just do it; it’s not without its challenges but there is a huge amount of support available to you as a host.”

To find out more about the Homes for Ukraine scheme and to register your interest in becoming a host, visit Homes for Ukraine.