Spitfires will be taking paying passengers high in the sky when they return to Dunkeswell on Wednesday.

The iconic WW2 planes will be taking off from the airfield from Wednesday, September 13, to Friday, September 22.

The spitfire academy, who are running the flights, even promise the chance to get behind the controls: "We'll do everything we can to fly over your house or important location if it's close enough! You'll have the chance to take the controls yourself and actually fly the Spitfire - a moment to tell the grandchildren about."

"If you elected to try some aerobatics as well you'll marvel at the power, manoeuvrability and grace of this aircraft that is over 70 years old and that gave us our freedom."

Dunkeswell hosts a number of aerobatic activities throughout the year, including skydiving and wingwalking. In August the aerodrome hosted a sell-out event which drew thousands of attendees in celebration of its 80th anniversary.