A DRINK-driver who drove at speeds of up to 100 mph on the M5 motorway past Wellington has been disqualified and fined by magistrates.

The driver was caught after a woman motorist made a 999 call near Taunton’s junction 25 and police then stopped him near Bridgwater.

A roadside breathalyser showed he was more than two-and-a-half times over the legal alcohol limit for driving with a reading of 91 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath.

The 22-year-old appeared before magistrates in Taunton on Thursday (December 21) and pleaded guilty to the offence.

He was banned from driving for 20 months and fined £120, and on Friday police released a video documenting how he had been caught.

Avon and Somerset Constabulary’s roads policing team has been out in force during December conducting proactive roadside checks and talking to motorists about the dangers of drink and drug driving.

More than 180 people have been arrested so far this month as part of the winter drink-drug drive enforcement campaign.

The Christmas roads policing operation has been using community intelligence to target drivers potentially under the influence of drink or drugs and police have urged the public to let them know if they suspected somebody might be driving while intoxicated.

Roads policing lead Insp Rob Barker said: “My message to the public this Christmas is simple.

“If you know somebody that regularly drinks or takes drugs and gets behind the wheel, then your action, or inaction, could make a real difference to the wellbeing of other road users.

“Your report could prevent serious consequences by helping us take a dangerous and irresponsible driver off the road before they can cause harm.

“During December, we will be actively targeting motorists who pose a risk to others by choosing to drink and drug drive, as well as carrying out proactive stop checks at key roadside locations both day and night.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Shelford said: “It is shocking that despite the well-known risks, individuals continue to make the reckless choice to drink and drug drive, endangering the lives of others.

“I urge everybody to choose responsibility over recklessness during the festive period and beyond.

“I support this proactive operation to tackle dangerous drivers as every journey should be a safe journey.”