IT was some night as 21 entrants battled it out for Wellington Ladies Darts Singles KO competition. 

The first round saw 11 byes to give 16 games, which left Julie vs Sophie, Donna vs Karen, Leoni vs Shirley, Ali vs Linda, Lorraine vs Fiona, Annie vs Lizzy, Caz vs Ellie, and Beccy vs Vi.

The quarter final saw Sophie vs Karen in a daughter versus mother match, Leoni vs Linda, Lorraine vs Annie, and Ellie vs Beccy.

Ellie had knocked Caz out, so was now the only contender for winning triples, doubles and singles this season.

The semi finalists were Sophie vs Leonie and Lorraine vs Ellie.

Could Ellie Stubbings do the treble in the comps?  She was up against Sophie Beech in the final.

Both were on a double and Sophie won the first leg. 

It was getting tense and Ellie won the second leg.

In the deciding leg, Sophie just missed tops and then Ellie shot out on 64 (treble 8, single 20, double 10) to take the crown for a second time in her darting career after a night of great matches.